Linguistics Prague 2018

Thursday 26 April - Saturday 28 April 2018 | Faculty of Arts | Charles University

We invite graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to the second international edition of the conference Linguistics Prague (formerly Lingvistika Praha).

Linguistics Prague is a conference aimed at graduate students of linguistics and related fields. Successfully running since 2013, the conference will be opened to international audience for the second time in 2018 with English as the language of the conference. Having become a well established event in Czech academia, the conference is now set to welcome international researchers
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to improve the diversity and quality of the contributions even further. The conference aims at young researchers to provide them with a platform for the presentation and discussion of research with their peers.

The focus/leitmotif of the conference is empirical research of language and its methodology. We encourage presentations of original data oriented research concerned with different aspects of language structure and use, as well as discussions of methodological groundings of the 'empirical turn' in linguistics.

The conference is organized as follows. There will be 2 plenary talks, 4 tutorial workshops and a general session for oral presentations and posters. The tutorials cover a broad range of topics and are aimed to provide participants with methodological essentials of the fields covered.

The conference takes place at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in the very center of Prague which will provide participants with all the necessary comfort. On Wednesday 26 April 2018, the day before the opening of the conference, we will set up an "Warming up": First inofficial get-together.

Linguistics Prague 2018 is co-organised by Czech Language institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The conference is supported by the Charles University project "Progres Q10, Language in the shiftings of time, space, and culture".