Will I receive a certificate?

Yes. We will give you your certificate once you arrive and register. It will contain your name, the title of your contribution and it will be signed and stamped.

Will I receive confirmation of acceptance?

We do not send confirmation of acceptance automatically, but if you need it, please send us an email at linguisticsprague(at)ff.cuni.cz.

Will I receive confirmation of payment for the conference fee?

Yes, but you need to fill in your name and the name of your institution in the available boxes when paying.

Will there be conference proceedings?

Unfortunately, we do not plan to publish conference proceedings.

Will the conference be online or hybrid?

Unfortunately, no. The conference is meant to take place in person.

Can you pay for my travel expenses?

No, we do not provide this service.

Do you provide accommodation?

No, but you can check our suggestions on nearby hotels and hostels here.

What are the covid-19 rules to enter the Czech Republic?

Please check out this link.

Will there be a conference dinner?

Yes. You will be informed of the details in due course.